, better known in the vegan community as “A Privileged Vegan,” hosts a popular YouTube channel dedicated to educating herself and teaching others about pro-intersectional veganism. On her show, she discusses how oppressions are connected by overarching systems of domination, and encourages activists to build bridges with other social justice movements. Marine currently lives in Paris, where she is from, after finishing a Fulbright Research Scholarship in Argentina, where she studied the medical care accessible to transgender patients and became a published author. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University with a B.A. in Political Science and Gender Studies.

Mexie (right) hosts a popular YouTube channel, Mexie, where she provides grounded critiques of capitalism and critically explores issues relating to social/environmental/economic justice and veganism. Mexie is from southern Ontario and lives in Toronto. She received a P.h.D. in Human Geography (Political Ecology) on a SSHRC scholarship, looking at the intersections between political economy and environmental governance, with research sites in North America and Southeast Asia. She’s been a leftist as long as she can remember, vegetarian for 10 years, and (finally) vegan for 2 years.

Mexie and Marine met via YouTube and became fast friends. Although they’ve never (yet) hung out in real life, they’ve been talking nearly every day for months over voice notes and Skype, and love each other very dearly!

The Podcast was born from both women wanting to share their thoughts and conversations to a broader audience using a more flexible medium than video. With YouTube, videos have to be short and concise and well-edited visually to catch (and keep) peoples’ attention. While this works well for certain topics, some issues really need to be talked out to do them any justice, which you just can’t do in a 10 minute span. The hosts were talking so much via voice note anyway, they figured they would have enough material! Both are incredibly excited to share their passions and perspectives with you all.